Willy Wainwright and Jennifer Weatherly

July 12th, 2020

Willy is a violinist who began playing the violin as a child in Chicago, Illinois. He is an accomplished musician and charismatic performer whose has mastered many styles throughout the years including classical, country, bluegrass, jazz and Irish. He has performed and toured with internationally known artists. Career highlights include performing shows at the White House, Grand Ol’ Opry, The Johnny Carson Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Farm Aid. Willy also plays in the groups ‘Weatherly-Wainwright’ with his wife Jennifer Weatherly and the Maui based Gypsy Jazz group, Gypsy Pacific. He has also released solo albums that feature many of his personal favorites. Willy is the original fiddler for the Celtic Tigers and the band recently celebrated his return.https://www.williamwainwright.com

Jennifer Weatherly

Jennifer Weatherly was close to her forties before her debut album was released. When she finally reached vinyl, critics relished her deep, sultry vocals, which some judged akin to Patsy Cline. Weatherly grew up in affluent Beverly Hills, her father working in television and her mother a jazz singer, but soon became attracted to the honky tonk culture and the ‘Texas Shuffles’ locals introduced her to. Eventually, after the failure of her first marriage, she moved to Nashville in 1988 to take work as a backing singer. She also worked with pop singers in Los Angeles, and toured Europe with Peter Hofmann, who eventually gave her a spot as support artist. German audiences loved Weatherly and her interpretations of old Everly Brothers and Tammy Wynette material. In 1994 she and new husband Willy Wainwright, fiddle player with Ricky Van Shelton, moved to Switzerland. Based in Geneva, she began to play European festivals with a cosmopolitan array of backing musicians, including a Peruvian percussionist, Turkish guitarist and Swiss keyboard player. She formed her own JK Records with Clay Baker as her producer and songwriter, releasing two albums in the mid- to late-90s which anchored her European popularity.

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