Robin Johnson, On a GREAT way to travel by Pet Sitting

July 22nd, 2020

Now, soon I’ll be off to the French countryside to care for five adorable cats!


If you are an animal lover like me and enjoy nurturing them, and if enjoy traveling and would like a way to keep costs low, I invite you to check this out and see if it resonates with you. The animals are precious and it is a loving and trustworthy commnity of pet owners and pet sitters.  With this system there is no money exchanged.  You stay for free and the owners have the security of knowing their animal family members are cared for with loving kindness, in their own homes and same routines with no kennel costs. 


If you would like to try it, as a pet sitter or as a pet owner who needs loving care for your animals while you are away, use my code to receive a 25% discount on the membership fee and when you do I receive two free months.  A great deal for everyone! 


Website link with my discount code: 

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