May 30th, 2021

A talk with Cindy Paulos and Father Carel-Piet van Eeden about how we face and deal with changes.

a circle of life’s  projections

spins throughout the world

the center of our reflections

mirrored in a precious pearl


what pulls our perceptions

what visions that occur

what magnet draws our direction

what truth is there to observe


there is a higher power

that can influence our mind

it can help protect us

in the circle of humankind


changes come and changes go

and the ego can’t control

the way that time unfolds

those changes from our soul


and we find that Spirit 

is the constant Source

that in the circle flows

from that energy

we come and go


the circle of life spins

throughout all time and space

the center of Gods perceptions

experienced face to face

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