Carline Brice-Mesilus on Havserve

June 12th, 2021

I loved talking with Beth Ann Hilton and Carline Brice-Mesilus about  HavServe Zero Hunger Initiative in Haiti. Carlin is an International Development expert working for 30 years  of service as a former staff member of United Nations Environment program and OAS. Organization of American States)She is the President and founder of @HavServe. HavServe empowers communities through education, training and the development of infrastructure in rural Haiti, where access to basic services is limited or non-existent. Food insecurity is one of the main challenges in the region, especially in the midst of COVID-19, negatively impacting human development.  HavServe is currently working on providing meals to 500 children at our summer camp in Haiti each summer, feeding 175 school children throughout the year at the HavServe International Academy and developing a sustainable school garden so that children, teachers, staff, and parents can learn how to grow their own food using square-foot gardening techniques and raised bed gardening design.

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