Achieving Independence

July 4th, 2020

the fireworks will dance

to the eclipse of the full moon
and this country has a chance
to heal it’s deep wounds
by accepting we are one
all equal in Gods truth
we are so in need of healing
so in need of hope
our life and the heart of humanity
all trying just to cope
A talk with Affirmations and Meditaiton on achieving Independance
and the rockets red glare
show our flag is still there
it’s torn and so worn
and in need of some real repair
as we look up to the sky
we pray to have the courage inside
and the power to unite and not divide
for I believe this country can decide
to remember the reasons why
our founding fathers created this country
with the statement which we still recite
all men are created equal
and with that truth in our minds
I wish you Happy 4th of July
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