Ruby Mazur in Lahaina Friday at 5p

June 29th, 2021




Culture-shifting painter, Ruby Mazur, is revisiting his iconic 1971 ‘Mouth & Tongue’ symbol from The

Rolling Stones’ ‘Tumbling Dice’ record sleeve to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its creation. Ruby will

show 13 derivative pieces of the ‘Mouth & Tongue’ that continue to embody the spirit of rock n’ roll at

the Holle Fine Arts Gallery on Maui in collaboration with Cosmic Wire; a cutting edge and revolutionary

hybrid art exhibit displaying both digital NFTs and physical canvas of the works.

Adding to the immersive gallery experience on July 2nd will be a new experience, with live music by

Falling Doves and a surprise NFT for event patrons as they mingle with Ruby and other influencers from

the island. A percentage of the NFT proceeds go to LET ME HELP, a New York based charity in support of

The American Cancer Society, Anti-Bullying, Broadway Heros, Covid-19 Relief and Prostate Cancer.

Ever since earning a Grammy nomination for designing the ‘CrowFoot’ album art in the 1960’s, Ruby

Mazur has been asked to illustrate and communicate the musical message of the world’s most famous

performers. Capturing pivotal moments and cementing trends, Ruby has worked on over 3,000 album

covers for artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughn, Van Morrison, Jim Croce, Jimmy

Buffet and B.B. King or with record labels like Paramount, Atlantic, and Warner Bros.

The paintings and works are inspired by Ruby’s outrageous rock n’ roll days and his second life in Maui,

conveying the wild and dynamic music scene with the humility of the island way of life.

“Going digital with Cosmic Wire on my paintings with these new NFTs is like the “Old World” going into

the new frontier of the “New World” of Art” commented Ruby, “This is an exciting new experience,

merging both worlds where I can dip my brush into paint with one stroke and it goes almost instantly

around the world.”

Futurist publishing and technology company, Cosmic Wire, specializes in protecting and monetizing the

world's most valuable IP, traversing the now trillion dollar blockchain industry since its 300% market

increase from 2019-2020. Understanding the potential of NFTs to enable artists to sell and own their

work directly, Cosmic Wire is focused on fair agreements, direct rewards, and downstream residuals and

payments via their proprietary Licensing and Publishing model.

The artworks will be authenticated and protected using proprietary and unique technology from Cosmic

Wire partners, REV3AL Technology and NCODED, disruptive multi-factor authentication and encryption

technology that shows the authentic creation of the work and protects it from being counterfeited in the

digital space.

The holistic multi-media company will be producing and publishing a number of exciting projects over the

coming months while also founding a clean energy solution specifically focused on the environmental

impact of the crypto industry and secure digital archive to protect humanity’s most valuable artistic


Ruby Mazur

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the real you

June 26th, 2021

This is a talk and meditation on who you really are

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Legendary Waterman, Archie Kalepa

June 22nd, 2021

A talk with the legendary Waterman Archie Kalepa. Here's a link to the mini-series,  with Archie Kalepa to discover and connect past and present, mauka and makai.

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Emmy Award winning Joseph Rosendo on Costa Rica

June 16th, 2021

Joseph Rosendo talks about his latest adventure in Costa Rica. Joseph is an Emmy-award winning director and host Joseph Rosendo has been a travel, food and wine journalist and travel broadcaster for 40 years. Since 2007, he has hosted, directed and written Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope®, the award-winning PBS travel television series. “We close each show with a quote from Mark Twain: ’Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness,’” says Joseph. “It’s a truth that first turned me on to travel and has kept me hooked for more than fifty years.”

Joseph Rosendo\'s Travelscope®, now in its twelfth season, reaches 98% of the US market and 286 million viewers on more than 500 Public Television stations nationwide, as well as airing in Canada and in numerous other international markets. With 130 shows the series persists to persevere in creating one of the most entertaining, informative and thoughtful programs on television. “I look forward to seeing more of your shows as you continue to open our minds and expand our hearts,” posts a viewer at “It’s wonderful to know that our endeavor makes a difference in our viewers’ lives,” says Joseph, “Everyday I am thankful and grateful to have been gifted with this opportunity.”

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Carline Brice-Mesilus on Havserve

June 12th, 2021

I loved talking with Beth Ann Hilton and Carline Brice-Mesilus about  HavServe Zero Hunger Initiative in Haiti. Carlin is an International Development expert working for 30 years  of service as a former staff member of United Nations Environment program and OAS. Organization of American States)She is the President and founder of @HavServe. HavServe empowers communities through education, training and the development of infrastructure in rural Haiti, where access to basic services is limited or non-existent. Food insecurity is one of the main challenges in the region, especially in the midst of COVID-19, negatively impacting human development.  HavServe is currently working on providing meals to 500 children at our summer camp in Haiti each summer, feeding 175 school children throughout the year at the HavServe International Academy and developing a sustainable school garden so that children, teachers, staff, and parents can learn how to grow their own food using square-foot gardening techniques and raised bed gardening design.

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Maribeth Theisen, on Her trip to Africa

June 6th, 2021

Maribeth Theisen, is a fearless world traveler. We talk about her latest adventure in Africa.  She has had a career as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist for 38 years.  This perspective resulted in her ability to help others make rapid, profound changes in their lives. It is this very perspective that leads herto fascinating experiences in the world. I blog about unique locations and experiences as I travel the world. And assist others to Go For It.

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Kalani Pe’a On NEW ALBUM “Kau Ka PE’A

June 5th, 2021

I talk with KALANI PE'A

NEW ALBUM "Kau Ka PE'A OUT NOWTwo-time Grammy®️ Award Winner and Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award Winner Singer/Songwriter and Music Producer Kalani Pe’a invites us to join him aboard the wa’a (canoe), taking us on a huaka’i (voyage) that challenges us to broaden our horizons and learn about eras and genres, with seven of his original compositions and four classics done in the “Kalani Pe’a” Hawaiian, R&B, Contemporary and Soul finesse. Kalani’s Junior Album Kau Ka Pe’a is set to be released on all digital platforms on April 30th. You can preorder now! Kau Ka Pe’a, Holo Ka Wa’a (Put up that sail and the canoe must move forward). E nanea mai....

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On Willie K., with the women in his ohana

June 1st, 2021

I talk with Willie K's family, Debbie Kahaialii, Rae Kahaiali'i, Doreen Kahaialii and Donora Kahaialii about Willie and the how the Mayor made this Willie K month.

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You are not Alone

May 31st, 2021

An excerpt from my audio book Prayer, Affirmations and Meditations. This talk is called, You are Not Alone.

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May 30th, 2021

A talk with Cindy Paulos and Father Carel-Piet van Eeden about how we face and deal with changes.

a circle of life’s  projections

spins throughout the world

the center of our reflections

mirrored in a precious pearl


what pulls our perceptions

what visions that occur

what magnet draws our direction

what truth is there to observe


there is a higher power

that can influence our mind

it can help protect us

in the circle of humankind


changes come and changes go

and the ego can’t control

the way that time unfolds

those changes from our soul


and we find that Spirit 

is the constant Source

that in the circle flows

from that energy

we come and go


the circle of life spins

throughout all time and space

the center of Gods perceptions

experienced face to face

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