an Interview with Bob Stone and Tom Vendetti, about Bhuton

May 14th, 2013

bobs.jpg 515buGD2TvL_SY300_.jpgtomv.jpg The Travel Angel Interviews Dr. Tom Vendetti, and Bob Stone about their Documentary on Bhutan and Bhutan's development policy of “Gross National Happiness.” Imagine a country where the peoples’ happiness is the guiding principle of government. Imagine a people who see all life as sacred, a land with abundant renewable energy, a nation committed to preserving nature and its culture. Imagine a country where the government’s goal is “Gross National Happiness.” Where is this Shangri-La? Bhutan.

THOMAS VENDETTI, Ph.D. , a resident of Maui Hawaii, has produced, directed and filmed numerous documentaries about various cultures as well as the medical profession. Tom presently is working as Maui Mental Health Clinic Chief of the Adult Mental Health Division for Maui County that provides for a comprehensive system of care for the seriously mentally ill in the County.

ROBERT C. STONE has worked in all facets of the video business for over 34 years including audio production, film editing, technical director, producer, director, cameraman, editor and writer. One of Bob's recent collaborative documentary works, “Kiho'alu” about the life and music of Keola Beamer. Bob previously worked with producer/director Tom Vendetti on four other documentaries:  “Sacred Tibet: The Path to Mount Kailish” (2006), “Mount Kailish: Return to Tibet” (2001), and “Journey Inside Tibet” (1999) as well as “Years of Darkness:  A Spiritual Journey to Recovery” (2003) shot on Maui and in Cambodia.

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