Robert Dubiel, On retiring and living in Thailand

March 8th, 2019

Robert Dubiel, On retiring and living in Thailand.

Since a near death experience in 1973 during surgery, Robert has consciously explored pathways of intuitive expression. As an intuitive coach I use telepathy and inner guidance to address the concerns of my clients and read the information contained in their aura (LIGHT BODY) in order to support their life path and help them see their purpose in life more clearly. He also channel relevant information from their Spirit Guides and my own. He can enhance my readings with the help of astrological data if requested. Robert also specializes in helping people develop a greater awareness of their body’s own intuition through opening pathways of light in the cells and chakras.

In past life regression he use guided imagery and suggestion to bring about the client’s experience of other incarnations that affect life today, such as in the areas of relationships, career, talents and phobias. He helps people to see the current connections between their many lifetimes — all time is simultaneous from the point of view of the soul!

He uses the shamanic practice of soul retrieval to help individuals re-integrate parts of themselves which have split off through trauma. This includes introducing them to their internal Healing Elemental and power animals to develop greater conscious connection with the Earth and her energies.

He is an ordained minister and Reiki Master/Teacher.

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