Al Conti, MYSTIC

February 1st, 2017

Al is a GRAMMY® nominated, award winning composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose music is heard around the world on all forms of media and in retail spaces.In October 2016, Shadowside Music releases MYSTIC, Al’s sixth album, which was four years in the making. Al describes his spiritual quest during this period in the album’s liner notes, a rare personal glimpse of the introverted artist’s world that reveal his penchant for world travel to mystical places.  Rich in sound, culture, and instrumentation, Al feels the album is his best work to date.  The album also includes the talents of Charlee Brooks (David Arkenstone), Pamela Copus (2002), Ricky Kej and Jeff Pearce.

 Al’s previous album, The Blue Rose, quickly rose to the top #1 spot on the Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) Top 100 chart for two consecutive months. The album also reached #3 on the ZMR Top 100 Airplay Chart for 2013. In 2010, his album Northern Seas garnered a GRAMMY® nomination, made Amazon's Top 10 list for Best New Age Albums of that year, and reached #2 in the ZMR Top 100 chart for October 2010.

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