Metaphysical Insights with Rev. Cindy Paulos and Rev Lyn Williams

April 10th, 2016

Rev. Cindy Paulos and Rev Lyn Williams talk about their background in metaphysics and how iit changed their lives. Also a conversation about how the Metaphysical community has grown.

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Metaphysical Insights with Dr. Ayin Adams

April 3rd, 2016

Ayin Adams, PHD. is a holistic teacher of self development and consciousness. Dr. Adams uses cell memory techniques to attain balance and growth of being. She perpetuates love and spiritual truth and uses principles through development of being. Dr. Adams began healing at age 2 when she taught herself how to read and write. As an inspirational and motivational spirit guide, Dr. Adams work is deeply set in her tonality; the quickening of each individual.
Dr. Adams has learned from sacred teachings as a Walk-In. She documents our passage in time through mythology, performance poetry, spiritual sessions, and tonality of voice that helps one break out of the current constraints and fragmentation. She facilitates folks to co-create their future especially as now many of the established structures of society are falling apart. Books include For the Love of Black Men,Good Orderly Direction,Kwanzaa in Hawai`i,For Ladies Only: Dedicated to the Color Pink, African Americans in Hawaii: A Search for Identity


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