Christmas Mystical Affirmations

December 16th, 2017

Affirmations for Mystical Christmas
I know that the Christ light is alive in me in that I am that I Am Spirit that is presence. I connect with that infinite light everyday.
I embrace Christ Consciousness and am blessed to be aware of the this living light as a compass to guide me in my life.
I choose to be enlightened by the Christ which is the highest light of God’s love .
I honor the Christ in me and work to live with His loving kindness in my life,
I embody Christ consciousness within myself as was taught by Jesus Christ.
I realize that Christ Consciousness is infinite light and love that is beyond my normal thinking mind and is Alive eternally iGods Universal mind.
I am a reflection of Universal Christ light and it lives within me in the I am that am Presence,
The Christ light is ignited Christmas time and at any time I choose to follow in the footsteps of the Masters.
I shine my light forth to the world and remember that Christ was a living example of how we can seek to live with Christ’s love in our life.
I thank you God and Mary for bringing the Christ to Earth and to my consciousness.
And so it is!
Rev Cindy Paulos 
Blessings always 

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